Thursday, November 25, 2010

What the hell

This post is sort of just a quick ramble on something I saw today that kind of baffled me.

I was on the GameFAQs forums (already a mistake, I know), and was for some reason looking at the Xbox 360 board. I'm not really sure why: whenever I post I'm inevitably the guy who posts the long, thought-out argument that winds up getting deconstructed and misconstrued as something like "ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE BAD" or "THIS IS MY SIDE, WHICH IS GOOD, BECAUSE.", which are essentially the only two opinions you're allowed to have on any internet gaming forum.

Curiously, these attitudes would fit right in at FOX ... if, you know, videogames weren't the devil infesting the minds of our Good Christian Youth (forget the other youths, they don't matter).

Anyway, today I witnessed something that kind of threw me for a loop. Not really, I guess: I mean, you expect to see balls-out false bravado all the time, but this kind of opened my eyes. There was a guy who was arguing vehemently that he would never reveal that he played videogames, for fear of social condemnation.

But he freely spoke about his addiction to crack.

Yeah, I understand the motivation behind such an attitude. Doesn't mean it's any less absurd.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Once upon a time . . . .

I had some knowledge of photoshop. Using what remains of that skillset, I created this . . . .

Yeah, I'm pretty pleased with myself.