Friday, October 15, 2010

This Seriously Just Happened

Today I have to submit a paper that is due. This paper is worth 25% of my final grade in my Medieval Studies course. Now, normally such a hefty piece of evaluation would merit equally hefty preparation, writing, and research. Normally. Except there are a few problems with this equation.
  1. I'm lazy.
  2. I'm fairly good at writing.
  3. And Medieval Studies is, to quote Austin Powers, my bag, baby. Yeah.
This probably has something to do with my "paper topic":
Imagine you are a scribe in a medieval cathedral or monastery with a manuscript to copy. Describe your task, how you set about it and the difficulties you encounter carrying it out from day to day.
Groovy, baby.

Okay, I'll stop with the Austin Powers reference now, lest this blog become an exercise in '60s nostalgia . . . .

So, the scene laid, one now sees that this was a chance for me to shine. My professor was all but asking me to display all the skills I've acquired over a long career of slacking off to write medieval fantasy. With a little, teensy bit of preparation, surely I could have secured a mark of the highest degree.

Instead I wrote it at 1 o'clock last morning. And y'know what? I like to think it's still pretty damn good. Of course I still have yet to get the paper back, so perhaps I'll finally meet my long-deserved comeuppance.

Here's hoping I won't.

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